Qizen Wand │ Plasma Lighter
Qizen Wand │ Plasma Lighter
Qizen Wand │ Plasma Lighter
Qizen Wand │ Plasma Lighter
Qizen Wand │ Plasma Lighter

Qizen Wand │ Plasma Lighter

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° Flameless Plasma Lighter  
° Chemical Free
° Windproof 
° Hotter Than Butane 
° Recharges Via USB (Cable Included)

FUNCTIONALITY – The Wand is a multi-use lighter. Its nicknamed the taser for a reason. Coming in at a compact six inches, this lighter is our most versatile design yet.

Featuring an eloquent cylinder design with an extended single plasma arc, it can be used to light anything from bowls to candles.

The Wand uses plasma beams that are 10x hotter than an open flame. Plasma is a high voltage electrical current that passes between two nodes creating an arc of highly charged plasma. The plasma generates heat, which in turn lights the object. It is however completely safe. 

Plus, because this device doesn’t use a flame, it can be used upside down without any risk of burning the user (like when lighting candles).

❖ WINDPROOF – Our lighters are completely windproof. The plasma connection is so strong that its entirely impossible to blow out.

❖ DURABLE – All of our lighters are made using scratch resistant manganese alloy metal frames. 

❖ RECHARGEABLE – The Wand is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that is UN 38.3 Certified. 

❖ ECO-FRIENDLY – Disposable butane lighters have dominated the industry for so long, that we never even thought there could be a more efficient and environmental friendly solution.

Qizen lighters are eco-friendly by nature. The reusable capabilities of our lighters help reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce as a society each year.

Think about how many disposable lighters are thrown away everyday by millions of people across the world and how much plastic waste that creates.

Help us clean the world with the most advanced plasma beam lighter ever made.

❖ SHIPPING – We offer free domestic and international shipping on all orders. Orders placed in the U.S. are sent via USPS and should be delivered within 3-7 business days.

We do NOT ship to Canada. The rest of the world can expect shipping times between 15-30 days. Shipping is always free and we ship worldwide! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at Qizen.co@gmail.com 

❖ SAFETY  All Qizen Lighters come with an automatic safety shut off feature. This is to prevent unwanted fires in the case of the lighter being dropped or left on unattended. We are also legally required to have this feature.   

❖ WARRANTY – We take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you receive a lighter with any defects, we urge you to contact us immediately at Qizen.co@gmail.com [See our warranty policy for more information]