Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

◆ HOW DO PLASMA LIGHTERS WORK? ━ Plasma lighters create a small electrical arc between two electrodes. Plasma can ignite anything a standard lighter can and more. The flame uses no fuel, is windproof, and can be held at any angle without the risk of user harm.

 ARE THERE DISCOUNTS? ━ Yes. We occasionally have discounts and other deals. You can subscribe to our email list to be notified as soon as a deal goes into effect or a new product is released. 

◆ DO QIZEN LIGHTERS WORK ON PIPES? ━  Yes! See the Qizen S2 model, it was specifically designed for water-pipes and handheld pipes. 


◆ WHAT TYPE OF MATERIAL IS IT MADE OUT OF?  ━ Our lighters have a durable alloy outer encasing while the inner workings consist of all recyclable material. 

◆ SHIPPING COST?   We offer FREE shipping worldwide on all of our lighters.

◆ HOW LONG DOES SHIPPING USUALLY TAKE? ━ USA and Canada usually take between 10-20 days. The rest of the world can expect to take up to 20-35 days. 

 IS THERE WARRANTY? ━ We accept returns within 15 days after your order has been delivered. The return must be due to a defect from us or the shipping process and not due to a user generated error. (Proof of purchase is required) 

◆ WHAT TYPE OF CHARGERS DO QIZEN LIGHTERS REQUIRE? ━  All of our lighters come with a micro-USB cable.