S2 Specs

Qizen lighters have frames made from durable, scratch resistant manganese alloy. The S2 comes in a variety of colors. Matte options are also available. 
The Qizen S2 sets a new standard for lighters with its superior and even burn. Unlike traditional lighters that rely on a spark and fuel rig, the S2 employs a revolutionary technology that creates two small electrical arcs between ceramic electrodes.
While these arcs are smaller than an open flame, they generate much higher heat and can ignite virtually anything much faster and more efficiently, even in adverse weather conditions. Moreover, the absence of a flame eliminates the risk of the user getting burnt when lighting candles, enabling the device to be used upside down.

The S2 lighter offers a unique feature that sets it apart from its competitors - an infrared touch activation sensor. Unlike other lighters that require pressing buttons that may malfunction or break, the S2 allows you to simply swipe your finger across the infrared sensor to start lighting, providing a more convenient and reliable user experience.

The Qizen S2 is a rechargeable lighter that comes equipped with a micro USB cable for easy charging. With a charge time of approximately one hour, this lighter can last between 2-5 hours or 150 lights before needing to be recharged.
This model has an automatic ten second shut off function as a safety precaution in the event of an accidental drop. The reusable capabilities of our lighters are an environmentally friendly solution to disposable lighters. Join us in reducing plastic waste by switching to the Qizen S2!
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