S1 Specs

Qizen lighters have frames that are made from durable manganese alloy. The S1 comes in a variety of colors. Matte options are also available. 
Stop getting burn-runs in your paper because of an uncontrollable flame by using the Qizen S1. Ceramic double arc plasma beam connectors work to serve you with the best most even burn that can beat any lighter on the market today. 
Rather than using the spark & fuel rig that typical lighters use, the Qizen S1 works by creating two electrical arcs between ceramic electrodes.
Although these arcs are smaller than an open flame, they’re much hotter and are capable of igniting virtually anything much faster, more efficiently and in any weather condition!
Plus, because the device doesn’t use a flame, it can be used upside down without any risk of burning the user, like when lighting candles.
The S1 has an elegant touchscreen display that also features a battery life display bar. Qizen lighters have a fifteen second automatic shut off period. This safety feature is used as a precaution to prevent unwanted fires in an instance of the lighter being dropped. 
Our Qizen S1 is rechargeable and comes complete with a micro USB cable. Charge time is approximately an hour. The charge lasts between 2-5 hours or 150 lights before needing to be recharged. 

The reusable capabilities of our lighters help reduce the amount of plastic waist we produce as a society each year. Think about how many disposable lighters are thrown away everyday by millions of people across the world and how much plastic waste that causes.

Help us clean the world with the most advanced plasma beam lighter ever made.

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