S1 Specs

Qizen is proud to offer a superior alternative to traditional lighters with our S1 model. Made from durable manganese alloy, the S1 is available in a variety of colors, including matte options. 

Say goodbye to unreliable and dangerous flames that cause burn runs on your paper. The Qizen S1 utilizes double arc plasma beam connectors made from ceramic to deliver an even burn that surpasses other lighters on the market.

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Rather than relying on spark and fuel, the S1 generates two electrical arcs between ceramic electrodes, resulting in a hotter and more efficient burn that can ignite almost anything, regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, the lack of a flame allows the S1 to be used upside down without the risk of burning the user, making it a safer choice when lighting candles.

The S1 also features an elegant touchscreen display, complete with a battery life indicator and a 15-second automatic shut-off period for added safety in the event of accidental drops.

Not only is the S1 a safer and more efficient option than traditional lighters, it is also better for the environment. With the ability to be recharged via micro USB cable in approximately an hour, the S1 can last between 2-5 hours or 150 lights before needing to be charged again, reducing the amount of plastic waste produced by disposable lighters. Join us in our mission to help clean the world with the most advanced plasma beam lighter ever made - the Qizen S1.


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