About Us

The name Qizen is a derivative of the Chinese words Qi and Zen. We chose to use the name because of the fact our lighters use a form of energy. QI energy, also referred to as Chi, appears in a wide variety of forms. An infinite number of forms, actually. All energy regardless of appearances, labels, or perception does not change the fact that energy is essentially the same in all forms.
Electricity, Prana, Qi, or Chi, are the essence of life and at the same time, make up the intangible as well as the tangible material world of shape and form that we live, breathe, exist and navigate within. Wouldn't it be amazing to hold such energy in the palm of your hands? We think so. Which is exactly why we created a way to do just that.  
The Qizen lighter offers a unique way to light whatever it is you are lighting using Plasma. Our lighters do not use butane or an uncontrollable flame. Qizen uses a form of energy which gives off enough heat to light things efficiently, rather than using fire. Qizen lighters also allow you taste whatever it is you are smoking much more than a regular butane lighter.
While delivering a powerful lighter in such a sleek package, we made sure to maintain an eco-friendly design with disposable capabilities kept in mind. Did you know that over 2 Billion lighters are produced every year in the USA alone?! Imagine how much plastic that is! Imagine how long it takes for all that plastic to break down!
That is why all of the materials used to make our lighters are 100% recyclable. Our mission is to replace regular butane lighter with our revolutionary battery powered, windproof Qizen lighters. All of this is done while maintaining the goal to reduce the use and waist of plastic we go through every year as a society.
We need to start moving away from plastic products anyway we can in order to sustain a healthy and safe environment.