Which lighter is best for me?

Plasma lighters are butane-free electronic lighters. Since they don't use butane like standard lighters, they are charged via a USB cable instead. With a quick tap, it generates either a single or double arc plasma flame that burns hotter than a butane flame. The plasma connection is so strong, that its entirely impossible to blow it out. 

Plasma works by generating an electrical arc between a pair of ceramic electrodes. This electrical connection that is flowing between the arc is hotter than a traditional open flame. Qizen plasma lighters will light everything a typical lighter can light and more.

Single or Double Arc?

Arc Plasma Lighters

When browsing through our selection of lighters, you will notice that some are either single arcs or double arcs. Our Wand model has one arc, while the S2 or RS2 have two arcs. Each have their own advantages and its important to understand how each one functions so that you can get the one that best suits your needs.


The single arc on the Wand will be more than enough to light a candle in a deep jar with a short wick. The single arc with the Wand's slimmed down cylinder profile makes it a grill masters best friend. It can reach into grill crevasses where a typical lighter would not be able to.

Our double arc lighters are an excellent replacement to a your standard disposable lighters. They may not be able to reach into jars like the Wand, but they do offer an even and concentrated burn unlike a typical butane flame.