Plasma Lighters vs. Butane Lighters

Plasma Lighters vs Butane Lighters Plasma Lighters vs. Butane Lighters

On the left we have a Qizen Plasma Arc Lighter and on the right we have a standard butane lighter. In this article we will be exploring the differences and similarities between these lighter to help you determine which lighter fits your needs. 

What do you prefer?

Plasma lighters can light anything a typical butane lighter would be able to and more! This is due to the fact that plasma burns at a higher temperature than butane. Plasma lighters use a battery that can be recharged making them a great investment and giving them another advantage over a disposable butane lighter.

Plasma lighters have a strong plasma connection that is practically impossible to blow out! Recent modifications to plasma technology have made butane lighters just about obsolete. Qizen Plasma Lighters are safer, less toxic, and reusable.

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