How do electric lighters work?

How do plasma lighters work?

Electric lighters, also known as plasma arc lighters, work by creating an electrical connection between ceramic nodes. This connection is known as plasma. Plasma lighters tend to burn hotter than butane. Because of this, plasma lighters make it easier to light up practically anything a lot faster than a standard lighter. 

Because electric lighters use plasma, the user can hold the lighter upside down and light candles without burning themselves. This concept was applied the Qizen S2 and Wand models making them the best plasma lighters for bowls and candles.

These lighters run on 220mAh to 300mAh batteries, depending on size. This means they'll also last longer than your standard butane lighter. You can also charge electric lighters through Micro USB slots, just like your Android phone, meaning a single lighter could last you a lifetime. 

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